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Lotto's - It Is All About Trust, and Honesty !

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This week I received e-mails from a lady who participated in the match 5 competition, the match 5 competition is behind the link "Win 1000£" on the VWD website.


The lady believed she had won a much larger price but she had questions and doubts, and as we started communicating more intense it became clear she had mixed up the match 5 competition with another email which she received from a not so honest person telling and faking to her she had won over 55000 £ (use the currency converter http://www.xe.net/ucc to calculate this amount into your own currency).

Of course she was happy, the down side was, she had to pay first 890£ (a lot of money) to claim her prize and that's how she started to ask me questions to me about this, and it became crystal clear she was being scammed, the person who had send her the email telling her she had won over 55000 £ had only one reason, to collect 890 £ from her for the so called transaction costs and then disapear to be never heard from again.

I don't have to tell you how happy this lady was she hasn't been scammed for 890 £, she was actually going to go to the bank to transfer this money and hoping to collect her UK Lotto winnings of over 55000 £.

I am happy for this lady I had been able to help her in time so she saved her money, but perhaps this is a lesson for us as well, always check out the company you are dealing with and check out the contact information, if someone send you an email that you have won over 55000 £ in the name of the UK National Lottery signed with a free yahoo email address, be on guard.

Perhaps that's why people are only going to become a syndicate player if they have trust in the company and trust in us as a representative, we are still a small group, but with trust and honesty we will grow, and once people realize this, we will grow big.

Tell us your thoughts in http://www.info-lotto.com/General/forum.shtml.

With kind regards,

Gino Harteel

www.hartino.com [ Euro Millions & UK Lotto Syndicate ]

www.belgium.ubifone.com [ Call Me - Online & Offline ]

Gino Harteel runs a successful online business on www.hartino.com.


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