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Visa & MasterCard Raise Credit Card Processing Rates
Visa & MasterCard have raised interchange rates again effective April 2005, but before we explain the increase lets look at what comprises a discount rate as these credit card processing rate increases are not simple. The discount...
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Top 10 ways to Increase Sales, Boost Profits and Generate Leads

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If you're not familiar with travel vacation vouchers packages,
here's how they work.

YOU simply give a FR'EE vacation voucher package to your valued
customers, clients or prospects, for purchasing or trying your product
or service. This alone can greatly increase your customer and prospect response rate.

You can choose to give away a 3 day, 2 night vacations, a $500 FR'EE spending voucher for meals, attractions, or shows and a FR'EE airline voucher.

In fact, YOU could even give away all vouchers for a complete vacation package worth more than $500.

Your customers or clients would absolutely love to receive a vacation package like that. It's a great way to attract new customers.

Once your customers receive their vouchers, they simply make their reservations, request the $500 benefits booklet for the destination of their choice, book their airline flights and enjoy a complete vacation package worth well over $500, compliments of YOU, or YOUR company.

Now that's a promotion your customers will never forget!

So let's look at "10 WAYS to boost your sales and build your business by giving away Complimentary Vacation Travel Vouchers Packages".

1. Use Travel Vouchers packages as YOUR business cards.

2. Give Travel Vouchers packages to your customers if they upgrade to a more expensive package or product.

3. Give Travel Vouchers packages to prospects for trying
your product, or using your service.

4. Give Travel Vouchers packages to everyone who takes a
FR'EE tour, or trial membership in your current business opportunity.

5. Give Travel Vouchers packages to those who attend your home parties, grand openings, or special events.

6. Give Travel Vouchers packages to everyone who purchases from your kids school fund raisers. Your kids will be top sellers, and your personalized vouchers will be in the hands of many new prospects.

7. Give Travel Vouchers packages, along with your regular tip, to restaurants, home delivery drivers, or common places you do business. Works great if your promoting a business opportunity.

8. Give Travel Vouchers packages to associates, clients, or prospects on birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

9. Give Travel Vouchers packages to local businesses. They can give them to their team, staff, or employees as bonuses or employee appreciation programs.

10. By printing your name or company information on these vouchers, you'll see powerful benefits, increased sales, and more potential leads as you give away vouchers using
methods 1 - 9.

Sheryl Strasser knows from experience that focusing on the basics and making a consistent effort are the keys to success. Learn how to boost sales and generate leads at Sheryl's incredible website www.travelvacationvouchers.com/lcs01.html . Once there, you can contact Sheryl so that she can guide you toward the success you deserve.


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