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Dissatisfied with your job? Stop Believing the Myths!


According to recent statistics, 56% of the work force is dissatisfied with their job. According to a recent Monster.com poll, 87%of respondents said they were dissatisfied with their job.

If you are dissatisfied with your job, you are in a self-imposed career slump!

Why are so many of us in career slumps? Bottom line…we are not doing work that satisfies us! No matter what our employer does for us, if we are not doing work we really want to be doing, in a way that fits our desired life-style, we will never be satisfied.

What keeps us in career slumps for so long? The number one thing that keeps us in our slumps is that we believe the “myths” we were told!

1.We believe, “I can’t make money doing work I love.” Yet reality gives us a ton of examples of people who are wealthy and happy doing the work they do.

2.We believe, “In order to be happy, I need to find my purpose.” Yet reality shows us that there are plenty of people doing work they love who have no clue what their “true” purpose is.

3.We believe, “To get better, I must work on my weaknesses.” Yet reality shows us time and again that the most successful people are those who focus on their strengths.

4.We believe, “I am a victim of outside circumstances.” Yet reality shows us people who get jobs they love when the job market is supposedly “bad”.

5.We believe, “I have no choice.” Yet reality shows us people who believe they always have a choice and have built great lives and careers.

If you are not doing work you love then you are in a career slump and you most likely remain there because of your belief in one or more of these myths.

If you can’t come to terms with these myths, no amount of resume writing, personality testing, or job searching will ever change your situation.

It’s time to bust these myths and start pursuing work you REALLY want. How do you do that?

-Start with getting clear and more importantly honest about what you REALLY want to be doing.

-Once you are clear, commit yourself to only taking actions and making choices that support what you want.

-Finally, get the support you need to get clear, stay focused while taking action and change your beliefs to create your new truths:

“I am making money doing work I love!”
“I know my purpose is to continually focus on what I want!”
“I know using my strengths is where my happiness lies!”
“I know I can control what I think about my career choices!”
“I ALWAYS have a choice!”

Being in a career slump is no fun and takes some work to get out of. Finding the right support is critical to your success!

Eliminating these myths is the best way to jump-start you out of your slump and start moving you toward work that will REALLY satisfy you!

About the Author

Doreen Banaszak is a career coach, teacher & Founder of the “90-Day Get Your Career UnSlumped Challenge”. Register today for the "The Fastest Way to GetUnSlumped & Create Work that Satisfies You” 1 hour Tele-Workshop. Call in and learn how to overcome the 4 primary reasons why 56% of the population remains dissatisfied with their work. Register at www.getunslumped.com!


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