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Floral Design and Floristry as a Career


Being a florist can be a very exciting and challenging career. Many people of all ages, from other working backgrounds are being retrained and entering the floristry industry.

If you are considering a career in floristry, you should enjoy working with flowers and be willing to learn all aspects of the floristry profession. You will need to be able to arrange flowers in an attractive manner and be a reasonably quick worker.

Our floristry school will teach you how to create floral designs for all types of occasions.

As a florist is dealing closely with the public, you should have a genuine liking for people, and have a pleasant and helpful manner.

Flowers touch the emotions of other peoples' lives. Customers ordering funeral tributes are often relatives or close friends of the deceased and may be emotionally upset. As a florist,you will need to be sympathetic and understanding.

A florist has the pleasure of helping a bride-to-be select just the right flowers and type of bridal bouquet for the most important day of her life - her wedding day.

The florist shares the joy and excitment when a proud new father comes in to order flowers for his wife in hospital.

Floristry is not all glamour. There is a lot of hard work and long hours involved. The duties in a florist shop will include:-

Unpacking stock as it comes into the florist shop

Conditioning flowers and watering plants

Pricing merchandise and displaying it attractively

Attending to customers

Answering the telephone

Completing orders and making up designs for the shop

Making sure the florist shop is clean and tidy

Keeping book work up to date

Changing the shop window display

Working in a Florist Shop

You will need to be able to work efficiently. A typical day in a florist shop could include ten wreaths for an early morning funeral, several arrangements and posies. Often a posy or a sheaf of flowers will need to be made up while the customer waits.

A good employee has common sense, a positive attitude, is honest and a willing worker who sees what needs doing and does it in a cheerful and efficient manner.

An employer will appreciate a capable employee who has the employer's interest at heart and ill co-operate and help with any duties involved in the running of the floristry business.

Applying for a Position in a Florist Shop.

You should present yourself favourably, be well groomed, polite and have an enthusiastic manner. If you have any references from previous positions, report cards or personal references, take these with you. You may like to take samples or photographs of your floral designs with you. Naturally, any photographs or samples should be of a high standard with the flowers arranged attractively and colours blended tastefully. Any wiring and taping should be neatly done.

The florist may ask you to make up a bowl arrangement, wreath or a sheaf. You will be expected to choose suitable flowers and foliage in colours which blend well together and make up a professional looking design in a reasonable amount of time (approximately 15-20) minutes for a standard arrangement).

Do not worry if you are a bit nervous. Florists are usually understanding people and will make allowances for this. It is far better to be a little nervous rather than have an over confident and "know it all" manner.

A few years ago a position was advertised for a junior in a very busy florist shop in a leading shopping centre in Melbourne. There were over forty applicants, but one of our students was successful because she could show the florist she was capable of creating attractive floral designs.

After the interview is over thank the employer for seeing you, and if the position offered appeals to you, you could say "I am very impressed with your shop" or "I would really ike the opportunity of working for you". An employer would much rather employ a person who really wants the position in preference to someone who is indifferent.


Many people find the idea of going into business for themselves very tempting. You may wantto open your own florist shop, but you should be fully aware of all the facts before you make a decision to start up or buy into a business.



You will have a feeling of fulfilment of being involved in such a creative industry such as floristry.

If you run a successful florist business it can be far more rewarding financially than working for wages.

There is a feeling of security in owning your own successful florist business.

You will find running your own florist shop is never dull. You will never know what each day will bring. Working for yourself is far more exciting than going to work in an often dull routine job.

You will meet some very interesting people through dealing directly with the public. This can often develop into lasting friendships.

You will be providing a real service to your customers. The skilled florist is always appreciated and will have a secure life-long career.


(You will find it helpful if you do this questionnaire)

As Floristry is a lot of hard work and often long hours are involved, do you have the necessary health and energy to run a business?
Yes / No

Do you have enough money to start a florist business?
Do you have another source of borrowing money if necessary?
Sometimes you will need to inject extra funds into the business
Yes / No

Are you self motivated and have enough discipline to be able to organise yourself to see what the most important tasks are and to see each one is carried out?
Yes / No

Are you a reasonably quick worker?
Yes / No

When a problem arises, are you the type of person who can come up with a solution?
Yes / No

If you have a family, do you have someone you can rely on to help with the children?
Yes / No

To stand a good chance in a floristry business you should honestly be able to answer "Yes" to all the above questions.

How successful you are in Floristry, as in anything in life, will depend on how much time and effort YOU are prepared to put into it.

In our floristry diploma course we will teach you step by step how to create artistic traditional and modern floral designs the professional way.

Floristry is creative

Floristry brings joy and happiness to others

Floristry is a people business. Unlike many other occupations, the florist will never be replaced by a computer.

Floristry is a challenging and satisfying career. The florist with flair and imagination is always in demand.

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