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Jobless in July


There is really nothing worse than being jobless in July, except perhaps being jobless in January during a snow storm in Cook County, Minnesota. News reports about the economy trying to make a come back are no encouragement to someone looking for work. It is a hopeless felling when you are jobless in the heart of the summer. July is for vacations, taking dips in the pool, playing golf and attending summer concerts. What is a jobless person to do? Dr. Phil would probably say, son, nothing happens unless you have a plan. Since you must work, seek summer job opportunities.

Save your major job search efforts for permanent full time employment until after Labor Day. The summer help will go back to school and those who are going on maternity or medical leave will notify the boss of their exit dates. Do you need work right away? Swallow your pride and pick-up a summer time job, i.e. restaurants that work until 1 a.m. or 2 a.m., home improvement stores, landscape companies and donít forget temp agencies. During the summer the unemployed are competing with the high school graduates and the college graduates, it is not fair, summer is a bummer.

This can be the time when you can also try your hand at starting your own little business. If you like to cook or barbecue, you may want to try it for profit. Start small, keep it simple and be creative. If you truly need a job and you or your spouse, significant other, mother or dad is good with a grill or makes a mean smoked chicken and garlic cheese wrap, give catering a try. The one thing people do all summer is eat. Some eat light, some donít, but everyone eats.

Do you have a friend who makes the best chocolate truffles in town? A bridal shop might allow you to put your flyer in their shop. Brides are always looking for tasty little gifts for their guest. A job in food is one of the most convenient positions a person can perform. Everyone loves good food and there is bound to be something that you can cook or learn to cook in relatively little time. Do you make a great barbecue sauce? Do you grind your own blend of coffee?

Donít stop looking for a permanent position, keep that resume circulating and visit community associations and organizations. Get out there and volunteer, meet people and introduce yourself to everyone. This is the time to become a social butterfly. Everyone needs to develop streams of income. Relying on one job for your livelihood today is unrealistic. Look at your joblessness as an opportunity to use your community as your source of income. Start a small business. Think about starting a small business. Find a job but donít let just the job be your salvation. Today that is a dangerous way to live.

About the Author

Detra D. Davis is a writer and Consultant with over 20 years of experience. She is the author of two e-books, Job Search 101 and Catering From My Kitchen. Detra may be reached at www.supportingourchildren.com or by mail at J. Davis & Associates Publishing, P. O. Box 4935, Cary, North Carolina 27519-4935


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