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JOB SEARCH 101 - A Written Chronicle
The whole job search effort is completely exhausting and at times just plain pathetic. It is what it is and if you are unemployed know that the job search experience is one familiar to everyone at some point and time, so don’t feel alone. One of the...
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Ready To Work At Home?


Hundreds of people everyday make the switch from working at a job to working at home. But, this move may sound like an enticing thing to some, but to others it can be devastating. If you plan to begin a work at home career, you need to understand the scams that are out there and keep your head up! Here are some tips and ideas to consider.

First of all, it can be quite a challenge to work at home. You will need to be consistent and determined. You will need to set aside time that is dedicated to your work. If you do not, you will get less done, be less happy, and will become overwhelmed. Instead, find a place to dedicate to working and stick with a schedule.

As for the work at home scams that are out there, it is almost impossible not to get one offered to you in your email just about every time you turn the computer on. Here are some hints to keep in mind.

· If it seems too good to be true, it more than likely is. It is just that simple. You are not going to be rich in a few days. You are not going to retire in a month. For any of these opportunities to work, you need to be working hard at it, really hard.

· If they ask for money up front, run! In many cases, you will never see them again. Solid business opportunities will require products to be purchased and such, but never should you purchase or pay for anything for a JOB.

· Check the Better Business Bureau for information about the company. It just makes sense!

· Understand the difference between a work at home job and a work at home business. It is important to realize that you will not have a job, but a business of your own to run.

Work at home opportunities will allow you to gain the most opportunities to spending time with your family, but they will also need you to be diligent and determined to become accomplished in the work at home arena. Nothing will be easy, especially at first!

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