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Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medicine , over 2000 years old, is an ancient form of medicine. Consisting of acupuncture, moxibustion (moxibustion - using material made up of "moxa-wool," in a form of a cone or stick; moxibustion is used to treat and prevent disease by...
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Secure the border, secure Internet connections...what about securing our children's minds?


Everyone is talking about the U.S. borders not being secure
- illegal aliens streaming over our borders, about securing
our broadband connections from hackers, and I was just
curious about the silence of securing our children's minds.

Has anyone been paying attention to our most precious
treasure being assaulted on a daily basis by the equivalent
of illegal aliens - a failing education system, drugs,
violence, teen pregnancy and immoral attacks on all levels?
Our children's spiritual borders are being left unguarded,
and this assault is during the most critical years of their
lives when it comes to learning about becoming a whole
person when they become adults. The Southern Baptist
Convention to their credit has developed a resolution "to
warn their members concerning the toxic spiritual nature of
the government school system". The resolution further calls
on churches to "become aggressive and proactive in starting
Christian schools and in supporting homeschooling".

That is a wake-up call and others need to be sounding the
alarm across our nation. Securing broadband Internet
connections cannot be more important than securing a loving
realtionship with our children, instead of them forming a
relationship with the blurred PG-13/R rated broadcasts
coming from the television.

Parents, family, neighbors, and friends should be sounding
the trumpet about protecting our children's spiritual
borders. See more info here:
http://www.earnedmedia.org/gtko0531.htm it is a website
called the Christian Communication Network and details the
SBC's resolution. This site also has a link to
http://www.getthekidsout.org/ a grass roots effort to
educate parents about the loss of morals in the public
school system and the full resolution.

A moral education is the first defense our children should
have against everything else, they need the ammunition to
make the right choices when it comes to drugs, violence and
when to start a family - which is where the confusion starts
that creates teen pregnancy in the first place. A second
pillar of defense is a proper relationship with your child
as each one is a different person and needs respect, love
and wisdom for that individual. These pillars help develop
a foundation that can withstand practically any assault our
children have to face in the world today and in the future.

If the Southern Baptist Convention is drawing up a
resolution advising parents to take their children out of
public schools, then at least we have someone paying
attention. Their needs to be a far louder alarm sent to
parents everywhere to get our children into a quality
environment where they can learn moral values and will not
be restricted or challenged for exhibiting moral values.
This is an issue that needs to be addressed like no other
as it is already too late to ignore with the large number of
children being negatively affected by the forces trying to
brainwash them to make the wrong choices.

We all need to remember - to train up a child in the way he
should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
(Proverbs 22:6)

Daviyd Peterson 2005 All Rights Reserved

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