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Top 5 School Fund Raiser Ideas



Schools often look for ways to make money. Sometimes, new
playground equipment is needed, or perhaps band equipment and
uniforms, it might be that the football team is in need of
uniforms, or that the debate team needs money to travel to a
meet. Fundraising is quite common and an excellent way to make
the money required while teaching students about good sales and
marketing, as well as money management. You will also see
schools using fundraising to help other people. For example,
during the Tsunami, schools all around the country joined
efforts to raise money that could be used for medicine, food,
clothing, and other needs. As you will discover in this
article, there are many innovative ways of making money.

Discount Cards

With discount cards, you can offer one particular type or a book
that consists of several different cards. For example, three of
the favorites are shopping cards, pizza cards, and prepaid phone
cards. With the shopping card, you would choose from local and
national merchants that provide nice savings at retail shops,
grocery stores, florists, etc. For the pizza card, this is just
what it sounds, a card that would offer a discount off the price
of food sold at major chain pizza restaurants. Many of these
cards offer limited use but for a mere $10, the person might
receive a discount 20 times, making this a real bargain.
Finally, prepaid phone cards are always a great fundraising
option, used by families that live across the country from one
another or for college students. For this type of card, you can
choose from a number of denominations of $10, $20, $24, and even

Sweet Candy

The second school fundraising idea is something just about
everyone loves Ė candy. Most often, candy sales are associated
with school clubs, sports groups, music departments, and church
youth groups. Because this is a small dollar item, they sell
well but a good marketing plan to increase sales must also be
developed and implemented. Ideally, find low-priced candy
suppliers, ones that support school fundraising projects, choose
the type or types of candy you want to sell, determine your
price, and then get started selling.

Rubber Ducky

Next on the list of school fundraising ideas is the rubber duck
derby. In the past few years, this has become a very popular
school fundraising idea. Not only is the rubber duck derby fun,
but also a great way to involve the community while earning
money. You could work with your local grocery stores to sell
rubber ducks for $1, which gives the buyers a chance to win a
valuable donated prize. Then on a specified date, the ducks are
taken to a local park with a lake. All of the rubber ducks are
emptied into the water at once and the first one to cross the
finish line wins.

Car Washes

Next for successful school fundraising ideas is the car wash.
Many companies will donate the water for car washes so all you
have to do is bring garden hoses, towels, Windex and paper
towels, and signs leading people in the right direction. You
can set the price at $1 to $5 per car or establish the car wash
fundraiser as a donation basis. Either way, you will find that
you make quite a bit of money in exchange for some hard work and

Bake Sales

Finally, one of the most popular and most successful school
fundraising ideas is a good, old-fashioned bake sale. For this,
students (and probably parents) would donate baked goodies to
include brownies, cookies, cake, pie, and miscellaneous items.
Then, the students would work outside a strip mall or grocery
store, encouraging people to buy. Usually, people are very
supportive of a bake sale and if the food is good the money is

About the Author

Dion Semeniuk is the proud father of 2 girls. He's actively looking at ways to be able to generate money for kids to be able to participate in special events. Learn about School Fund Raiser Ideas, visit http://www.school-fund-raiser-directory.com


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